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In-Home Consultation (maximum 2 Hours) - $150.00

Note: Pricing for our consultation service may vary in areas outside of Louisville Metro Area Contact Hope Lane for pricing in your area.

An in-home consultation is a definite motivator to Hope Lane An organizer will evaluate the problem areas of your home, take photos, and discuss your habits, tendencies, and lifestyle to come up with solutions to help you stay organized.

Organizing is about putting in systems that focus on function, not just beauty. While looks are important, having a beautiful space will not necessarily make your life easier and less frustrating. So while we desire to make your home picture perfect, our main goal is to make it function properly so that the clutter is kept under control.

Unlike many other organizing companies, during our in-home consultations, we want to GIVE you our ideas and suggestions for the cluttered areas of your home. These ideas might include space planning, organizing tools, paper management, organizing kid's chores, staging a home for sale, and systems put in place to help you manage your home and life.

In many cases, a person is unorganized due to a lack of time management skills. At the consultation, we address how you currently manage your time, and offer advice on systems to efficiently schedule appointments, leisure time, and projects that require your attention.

When a Hope Lane team member arrives at your home for your consultation, have your paper and pen handy and be ready to take notes. Afterwards, you can make the decision to use our suggestions and do the work yourself, or you may choose to hire our organizers to do the work for you, often with better and faster results.

Think of us as your Personal Trainer for the organizationally challenged.

Note: When booking a Consultation, we will obtain your credit card information and will only charge it with your authorization or per our cancellation policy.

Starting the Job

Depending on the plan of action discussed at the consultation, our clients might be given some homework to have completed prior to our arrival such as basic purging, gathering supplies, and setting up files.  Some clients may choose to work alongside an organizer to answer questions and help make decisions, and some prefer to make themselves available for questions, but let the organizers do all the work.  It is this teamwork that allows our clients to learn the skills needed for future DIY organizing projects.

Note: Our organizers do not break down or set up computer or electronic equipment.  However, we do offer full IT services for PCs at an additional cost.  Services include: networking, syncing, repairs, back-up methods, software tutoring, photo/file organizing, de-commissioning old systems, and more.

The organizers at Get Organized! are being paid only while on a scheduled job. It is important that as a client you allow time before the end of your appointment to go over any future plan of action. This includes homework assignments and supplies needed to complete your job. Remember to take notes on the discussion at the consultation and subsequent appointments so you will be able to recall important information without having to contact your organizer(s) after work hours.

Our organizers take a 15 minute lunch break on any job over 4 hours. This allows the organizer(s) and client to re-energize and regroup. Part of organizing families is getting to know their lifestyle and work habits so that we can adjust our organizing plans to meet their needs. Often our lunch break conversations lead to a better understanding of your needs. This break is included in the hourly billing.

If you require “after hours” consulting (more hands-on time, action planning, brainstorming, etc.) with your lead organizer, you will be charged our standard hourly rate for one organizer. The organizer will keep track of the time spent on phone calls, texting, and email, and you will be billed monthly. We understand some clients want more access to their organizer, so we offer this service at an additional charge.

It is our goal that you receive exceptional customer service at all times and at the same time Get Organized! must compensate its organizers for their work after hours. Please be aware of this policy so a bill for this service does not come as a surprise.

As always, please feel free to contact your organizer at no additional cost with schedule changes or a quick question. You may also contact our Hope Lane office at any time by phone at 502-224-2553 or via e-mail at hope@hopelanecleaning.com

Note: If organizer(s) arrive at your home/office and you are not there on our scheduled day, you will be charged a $100 no show fee plus mileage if applicable.